Join us for a Journey of Exploration & Expansion!

Held in a safe space of permission, truth and trust we invite the power of sacred sexuality to unlock hidden treasures in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Are you ready to create a ripple effect of expansion in all areas of your life?

“This was an experience of a lifetime and will no doubt change how I show up in this world moving forward – whether that’s in my relationships, the confidence in my desires
or how I want to express myself.”

― Darrin, Global Program Manager

Upcoming Yacht Retreat for Couples

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What if you could …

  • tune into your true essence and relate to others with full authenticity, openness and trust?
  • recognize and communicate your desires and boundaries honestly and effortlessly?
  • be part of a community of evolutionary lovers?
  • be aware and in control of the immense divine creative force of your sexual body?
  • love without fear?

Our Intention

One of the most powerful energies to explore and expand our being is the sacred gift of sexuality.

By liberating our sexual power, we liberate and heal our being in all areas of life. Through this we can be more fully ourselves, inviting in the new earth that is being born through us, and manifest our wildest dreams. We reach to create heaven on earth – even if we have to go through the fire of transformation together to get there.

Who we are – Brina & Jonathan

The transformative power of conscious sexuality has been a powerful part of both our journeys.

We’ve been blessed to train with some of the most experienced and progressive teachers in the fields of tantra, embodiment, psychology, spirituality, shamanism, somatic awareness, relationships and many other areas.

While walking the path ourselves and continuing to learn and grow in our own relating as a couple we love to share our experience and create spaces for others to expand into a new way of being with us.

The Experience

We create a safe space and build trust based on the understanding that the world is our mirror.
We invite vulnerability, authenticity and deeper self awareness to expand our response-ability.
We explore tools for awareness, communication and regulation to be equipped to move into more bold and joyful expressions of ourselves.
We do this with a deep respect of the divinity and power of our erotic being.

“Joining Brina and Jonathan was a life-changing journey.
Intimacy is a portal into the subconscious that can be an incredible tool for growth.
I would highly recommend joining these two!”

Matt, Designer – Temple of Love Retreat Diamante Valley

Upcoming Events

Jul 2024
15 July 2024
Nautitech 82, San Blas Islands, Panama
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Temple of Love “Yacht Edition”

Ready to embark on a journey of your lifetime?
An in-depth retreat to create more intimacy, freedom and fulfillment with yourself, your romantic partner, and others.
Your facilitators guide you on an exploration into the transformative power of conscious communication and sacred sexuality.

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“A heart opening workshop where their guidance really invited us to connect from a place of self-awareness. This has made a big difference for me to be able to listen where I am at in with my boundaries, what I want and what I don’t. Expanding & Contracting, proving such a massage for the heart! Exploration was never so fun!”

– Dani, Facilitator