Why are we offering the Temple of Love Retreat?

“Being in the Temple of Love with likeminded playful souls helped me to soften
and release deep-seated conditioning about intimate human connection.
My inner child was encouraged to simply play without expectation nor obligation.
The space was held very lovingly and peacefully; a beautiful container of trust to unfold in.”

– Issa Karuna, 5-MeO-DMT Facilitator & Bodywork Practitioner

Our Intention

One of the most powerful energies to explore and expand our being is the sacred gift of sexuality.

By liberating our sexual power, we liberate and heal our being in all areas of life. Through this we can be more fully ourselves, inviting in the new earth that is being born through us, and manifest our wildest dreams.

We reach to create heaven on earth – even if we have to go through the fire of transformation together to get there.

The Experience

  • We create a safe space and build trust based on the understanding that the world is our mirror.
  • We invite vulnerability, authenticity and deeper self awareness to expand our response-ability.
  • We explore tools for awareness, communication and regulation to be equipped to move into more bold and joyful expressions of ourselves.
  • We do this with a deep respect of the divinity and power of our erotic being.

Who we are – Brina & Jonathan

The transformative power of conscious sexuality has been a powerful part of both our journeys.

We’ve been blessed to train with some of the most experienced and progressive teachers in the fields of tantra, embodiment, psychology, spirituality, shamanism, somatic awareness, relationships and many other areas.

While walking the path ourselves and continuing to learn and grow in our own relating as a couple we love to share our experience and create spaces for others to expand into a new way of being with us.

More about Jonathan: https://www.jonathanklodt.com
More about Brina: tba soon

“Brina and Jonathan truly embody the wisdom and love they speak about.
They navigated these sensitive subjects with professionalism and love.
I will definitely attend again in the future.”

– James, Participant, Temple of Love Costa Rica 2022


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

no (but you can!)

No! Everything we offer is an invitation.

At every moment, you have the option to step aside for some time as a "sacred witness" and contribute to the group body by observing and giving your presence from an outside perspective. This is equally valuable, appreciated and an important role in the field.

We encourage you to always tune in with your body to identify your true "yes" and "no" and to follow and express your desires and boundaries from that place.

To ensure clarity on what to expect, create a safe and aligned space for everyone and to craft the retreat catered to the needs and desires of our group, we don’t sell tickets publicly but have an application process to get to know you before we meet. If you're interested to join, please answer the questionnaire on the event page and we will get in touch with you for a personal conversation!

More Questions?

Contact us and we’ll answer you personally as soon as possible!

“Joining Brina and Jonathan was a life changing journey. Intimacy is a portal into the subconscious that can be an incredible tool for growth. I would highly recommend joining these two!”

Matt, Designer

“I felt completely safe and supported in a beautiful environment prime for personal growth and expansion.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn how to relate in a more conscious way.
Five Hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


“Brina and Jonathan truly embody the wisdom and love they speak about. They navigated these sensitive subjects with professionalism and love. I will definitely attend again in the future.”