We are deeply blessed by the beautiful resonance we received from our community for our past offerings. If you would like to talk to someone who has been at our events about their experience, please contact us, and we can connect you with them.

“I am still in awe of Brina and Jonathan’s abilities and structure within the Temple of Love program that enabled a group of individuals to tap into the Self while being fully present, having fun, laughing, all while supporting each other throughout a 3-day journey. As a program manager within the leadership development space, every moment and activity was surrounded with intention to help each of us dive deeper into how we want to express ourselves in which to create a new world of conscious humans. This was an experience of a lifetime and will no doubt change how I show up in this world moving forward – whether that’s in my relationships, the confidence in my desires or how I want to express myself.”

Darrin – Global Program Manager

“For me, these workshops are essential to the evolution of humanity. They function like an accelerated learning container; where the exposure to people, self, and human dynamics are guided and curated in a way that allows me to learn so much – seeing myself, my patterns, and my desires more clearly. I highly, highly recommend it.”

Marisa – Teacher

“This weekend was so amazing! Have never been so comfortable, learning and having fun i a weekend full of love ?? “

Novo – Traveller

“Being in the Temple of Love with like-minded playful souls helped me to soften
and release deep-seated conditioning about intimate human connection.
My inner child was encouraged to simply play without expectation nor obligation.
The space was held very lovingly and peacefully; a beautiful container of trust to unfold in.”

Issa Karuna – Facilitator & Bodywork Practitioner

“Joining Brina and Jonathan was a life-changing journey. Intimacy is a portal into the subconscious that can be an incredible tool for growth. I would highly recommend joining these two!”

Matt – Designer

“I felt completely safe and supported in a beautiful environment prime for personal growth and expansion.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to learn how to relate in a more conscious way. Five Hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️“

Phoenix – Participant, Temple of Love Costa Rica 2022

“Brina and Jonathan truly embody the wisdom and love they speak about. They navigated these sensitive subjects with professionalism and love. I will definitely attend again in the future.”

James – Participant, Temple of Love Costa Rica 2022

“A heart opening workshop where their guidance really invited us to connect from a place of self-awareness. This has made a big difference for me to be able to listen where I am at in with my boundaries, what I want and what I don’t. Expanding & Contracting, proving such a massage for the heart! Exploration was never so fun!”

Dani – Facilitator

The retreat deepened our connection, broadened our boundaries and expanded our horizons.

Brian – Photographer